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Vegan for a Week…NOT! Vegetarian for a week.
Monday December 03rd 2007, 9:53 pm
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So my group decided that Alex and I should be vegans for a week, just so we could see what it was like…however, I dropped being vegan after less than 24 hours (23 hours to be exact), and I became a vegetarian for a week. This is my journal about the experience.

Day 1:

I was enthusiastic about becoming a vegan for a week. I thought it wouldn’t be so bad…but then I went to dinner. At Seacobecck, I grabbed a salad, an apple, and pita bread with hummus (which I’ve never had before). I also grabbed a piece of white bread: but I realized it was made with eggs. So that was rather dissapointing, and I threw it out. Sarah and Melissa suggested that I try the hummus. Well, I found it absolutely disgusting. I can’t eat any more of that stuff!

So less than a half hour after eating dinner, I was hungry. I thought about cheating, but I didn’t. Hopefully tomorrow I will get vegan stuff at the grocery store. I e-mailed my mom and told her what I was going to do…she’ll probably not believe me.

Day 2:

Breakfast was okay. I had applesauce, pineapples, and a banana with two glasses of water. I was hungry in an hour.

Lunch: I had a salad with vegtable oil, pita bread, and three bananas. My stomach felt really upset.

4:00: I gave up and ate a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Nugget. Make that 8 milk chocolate nuggets. I was hungry, and that was what was in my room! However, I can still be a vegetarian fo a week! I think I can do that…

Dinner: So I decided to start eating more things again. So, I had the white bread with butter, a salad, a banana, potatos, and pasta with tomato sauce. I did not feel hungry after that for 2 hours, so it was much better for me.

Day 3:

My mom e-mailed me and told me not to try the vegan diet…so I responded that I had already given up, and I will try vegetarian.

Breakfast: I had no breakfast because I had an 8:00 weight training class. 

Lunch: 2 slices of White cheese pizza, french fries, water, and a banana. The white pizza was actually kind of disgusting today, because they had some sort of alfredo sauce that tasted kind of sour.

Dinner: I had some salad, Captain Crunch cereal, a banana, water and diet pepsi (since I needed some caffine to study).

Day 4:

Breakfast: I had blueberry crumb cake, breakfast potatoes, a banana, and water. It was delicious.

Lunch: French Fries, a banana, 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, cheesy pasta, water, and some kool-aid.

Dinner: There wasn’t much selection at Seacobeck on Friday night, but I had some sort of strange pasta, Captain Crunch with no milk (since they ran out), roasted potatoes, steamed carrots, and water. It was okay.

Day 5:

Brunch: I woke up at 11:00, so I got brunch. I had yummy french toast sticks with syrup, scrambled eggs, crumb cake of some sort, and breakfast potatoes. I found out the breakfast potatoes actually taste good with the syrup.

Dinner: I went to the Eagles Nest for dinner, so I grabbed french fries, a banana, and a cookie. Ha ha, quite healthy, eh? I also got a diet pepsi.

Day 5:

Brunch: Yet again, I woke up at 11:00. So, I had yummy Sunday brunch. So I got pancakes with syrup, breakfast potatoes (in the syrup), a blueberry scone, and some sort of chocolate cake from the ‘special’ dessert table.

Dinner: Eagles Nest again! But only because Seacobeck had amazingly long lines for a Sunday night, and from previous experience, they usually run out of good stuff. So, I got another banana, some sort of vanilla custard, and some fritos. Oh, and another Diet Pepsi. I actually HATE Diet Pepsi…I prefer coke products, or Diet Mountain Dew, but since we have pepsi, I got Diet Pepsi.

Day 6:

Breakfast: I got blueberry crumb cake, a banana, and french toast with syrup. Oh, and water.

Lunch: A banana, potatoes, a ton of noodles with tomato sauce, and spice cake. The spice cake is delicious, and I love the cream-cheese icing! Yum!

Dinner: Ha, ha…another banana, swirly ice cream, water, grape kool-aid, carrots, and some form of birthday cake.

Day 7: Is today, so I can tell you about it in class today. 🙂 After this class, I can finally have meat again! Ironically, I don’t really crave meat, except pepperoni pizzas. I have lost my taste for the Seaco-cheeseburgers. I will probably start eating them again, just because they’re a source of protein.

What have I learned? Well, for one thing, I realized that I love bananas way too MUCH! I have bananas at every meal. I wonder why I like them so much…oh well. I also realized that I can live without protein for a week…I can’t remember having any protein this week, considring I hate beans…unless there’s some protein in some cheese. This is probably not good for my health. Ha ha. I also realized that I eat much unhealthier than normal when I don’t eat meat…I guess it is because I crave so much horrible food.

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